Textile Industry

erp textileTextile industry in India forms one of the oldest sectors when it comes to industries and manufacturing. Textile industry plays a big role in terms of exports to the other countries, with India being ranked as first in terms of jute production and second in terms of silk and cotton production throughout the world. Nearly 70% percent of the demand for textile comes from within the country itself. The major fiber being produced in India still happens to be cotton. Due to the strong domestic demand the cotton industry has grown over the years. Also being the second most developed sector in India, cotton industry offers a lot of employment opportunities as well, although the employment maybe seasonal as the production of cotton crop is also seasonal in India.

The cotton textile industry is established majorly in the regions of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu due to availability of raw material, transport and logistics and favorable seasonal conditions. 80% of cotton textile mills in India are from the Private Sector.

RSys ERP solution for Cotton & Textile Mills will help you control and monitor the processes and information flow within your facility. Our software is equipped to handle the majority of the functions as is an all in one solution for management of process control, packaging, dispatching, bio cotton management, purchase and sales, finances, commercials, documentations, storage management, payroll and employee management, transportation management and waste management.

Our ERP system is equipped to handle the specific needs of the textile industry and with that thought in mind it comes with a benefit of modules that will help you handle procurement of raw materials, production, purchases, sales, documentation both before and after export, machinery management and vehicle management.

RSys ERP for cotton industry aims to improve your productivity and profits, while integrating various functions of operations. We understand your traditional practices and keeping that in mind we at RSys take a systematic approach to make the transition easy, keeping customer and user friendliness in mind. Ultimately our ERP system will help you improve the efficiency, accuracy and reduce your manual effort by automating the various processes in a streamlined fashion.