Tea Industry

ERP teaIndian tea industry saw a boost in the production of tea on a commercial level after the Independence. India is the largest producers of Tea in the world, only next to China, with a huge internal demand for tea. Nearly 70 percent of the tea that is produced in the country, gets consumed by our country’s population only. Indian tea brands, especially Assam and Darjeeling are world renown. The Indian tea industry has expanded its horizons on a world wide scale and the need for technological advancement is a must both on the hardware as well as the software level.

This is where our RSys ERP solution specifically designed to understand the needs of Tea Industry comes into being. Our software will not only replace the obsolete systems like Local DotNet Application, Tally, Dos, FoxPro etc. but also make the transition as easy as possible. We come from a background with a thorough understanding of the functioning of the Industry, thus we aim to understand your challenges better.

RSys ERP will help you automate the processes and help you monitor the processes from tea plucking to packaging to delivery. Our ERP system will also help you with managing your inventory, accounts, finance, budgeting, and consignments with no room for redundancy.

RSys comes equipped with powerful modules for managing your Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Production Planning, Production, Dispatch Scheduling, Broker Management, Quality Management, Transportation Management, HR & Payroll, Sales Force Management etc. From procurements to payments, from orders to receipts, our solutions are a perfect fit for all your ERP needs.

And even if you are looking for a customizable solutions, we understand your needs and optimize and deliver solutions that are a right fit for your Tea Production and processes. Unlike other ERP solution, RSys ERP for Tea Industry is user friendly, web based solution that offers real time tracking without any complexity. Also with our efficient technical support team to assist you with any issues, you will have nothing to worry about when you put your trust in our RSys ERP system.