PetroeyePetroeye has been designed with the view to automate your otherwise manual processes at your petrol pump. In today’s competitive environment, the businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology and automation. The normal working of most of the petrol pumps is based on the activities performed in each shift and the sale compromises of fuel like Petrol, Diesel and other goods such as oil, lubricants, distilled water, automobile essentials etc. The sale of the fuel items is based purely on the meter readings of the dispensing pumps, the lubricant and the other item sale is based on the actual quantity that was sold. The total sale is either in cash or against credit cards, petro cards or in some of the cases, the sale is made to the regular customers on credit.

In addition to these regular day to day tasks, there are other activities like collecting cheques or obtaining cash against credit bills, tracking the miscellaneous expenses made by cash for smooth operation of the business, paying advance amount to the credit party’s drivers during emergency needs and finally keeping and auditing a record of all these various activities. With the amount of activities, keeping track of the cash flow can become unmanageable and extremely tedious. In today’s world, doing all these tasks manually is neither practical nor advisable. Petro Eye was developed to take care of all these tasks with ease and efficiency.

Features :

  • A complete Web-Based Application
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fuel Sales Management
  • Merchandise Sales Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Corporate Customer Management
  • Shift and Staff Management
  • Real time “CASH” Analysis
  • Sales Target v/s Achievements
  • Real Time Alerts and Reminders
  • SMS Alerts and Ticklers
  • Reports & KPI measuring

PetroEye Features