Our Team

Retesh Karampuri
Founder & CEO
Retesh has an experience of over 12 years in the industry and has been associated with the Bhaishree group since the inception of his career. A dynamic and motivating person and always fun to be around, he is always approachable and full of knowledge and wisdom. In his free time, he likes to explore his passion for cricket, traveling and spending time with his loved ones. We are proud to have him as our leader.
Rupesh Deshmukh
Head Product Development
Rupesh has an experience of over 8 years in software development with a domain expertise in implementation of ERP solutions in Manufacturing, FMCG sector and for petrol pumps. A think tank when it comes to creating solutions, he is grounded yet visionary. He won't deny his love for Bollywood movies and is a fan of Katrina. He is known to be a regular fitness enthusiast, likes reading novels and listening music.
Nakul Sardesai
General Manager - Sales
Nakul has an experience of over 13 Years and has worked with multiple clients catering to international and domestic markets . He specializes in sales, strategy, operations and currently leads our business development and Revenue strategy. Passionate about all genre of fiction novels and movies, when he is not championing for company's cause, he loves to watch WWE, UFC and other fighting sports.
Vinod Dhabale
Tech Lead
Vinod has an experience of over 4+ years and has played a pivotal role for setting up systems and processes. Passionate towards team building he is a person of simple living yet high thinking. He likes to spend his free time blogging, spending time with family, friends and loved ones. He loves to explore his passion for nature, motorcycles and loves to trek. At home he loves to spend his time sketching and reading books.
Dnyaneshwar Vedpathak
Software Developer
Dnyaneshwar has an experience of over 5 years in the software development industry. A task oriented person at the job and always ready to help out with technical issues, he is a dependable resource of the team. Fondly called by friends and colleagues at the workplace as DNY, he is a professional yet an introvert at heart. He likes traveling and spending his time watching movies while relishing a cup of tea.
Kanchan Banchhod
App Development Lead
Kanchan has an experience of over 4+ years in the industry and has been associated with the team since 2014 as Sr. Software Developer. She comes with a go getter attitude and is known to be highly creative. She is the one to take initiative and her creativity reflects during the cultural events in the office. She has a friendly nature and is a people person. Her hobbies are reading fiction books, watching movies and traveling.
Ritesh Alkatwar
Software Developer
Ritesh has an experience of 3 years in the industry and has been associated with us since 2013 as Software Developer. He is known for his positive attitude at work, and takes stride towards perfection of the work that he does. He is neatly dressed be it a casual day or any occasion, but he never forgets to wear his smile along-with that. He loves to play cricket, surfing the internet and watching movies in his free time.
Vivek Kumar Singh
Software Developer
Vivek has an experience of over 3 years in the industry and has been associated with us since 2015 as Software Developer. He is known for his patience and is soft spoken. Known as Mr. Dependable of the team, he is an all-rounder when it comes to various kinds of work. He likes to keep himself updated with current affairs, and enjoys a game of cricket or two, or spends his time binge watching movies on weekends.
Sunita Kore
Software Developer
Sunita has been associated with the team since the month of April 2017. She comes with nearly an experience of two and a half years in the Microsoft Dot Net domain. She works hard in silence on her terminial and is extremely dedicated towards the tasks alloted to her. Her friends and team members are appreciative of her workaholic nature. Although a person of few words, she does like to travel in her free time and chillout watching movies and listening to songs.
Sushant Kaple
ERP Analyst
Sushant has been associated with the team since February 2017. He brings in process innovations and responsible for overall development of ERP projects. Sushant has over 2+ years of rich experience managing new development and creative projects. He handles major deliverables to clients, accounts and oversees delivery. His hobbies include swimming, going for morning runs, playing table tennis, gardening. He craves weekend getaways and likes to travel to new places in his free time.
Ishan Bhat
Digital Marketing Strategist
Ishan has been associated with the team as a Digital Marketing Strategist since August 2016. He comes with 3+ years of experience in systems, sales and online marketing. His forte is mainly creating attractive content while he also shoulders other responsibilities in Digital Marketing. Fast at his work, he always wants to learn something new. He is extremely passionate about fitness and a diet-freak. He spends his weekends mostly watching movies, sitcoms, cooking and gaming.
Nishigandha Biradar
Java Developer
NIshigandha has joined the Java Team of RSys as a Software Developer. She comes with a previous experience of nearly two years in Java Development. She is known to be a hard worker and never hesitates from stretching the work hours and only feels a sense of accomplishment once the task is completely done. Fondly called as Nisha by her friends and family, she is a quick learner . She feels alive exploring new places and loves to read novels and cook in her free time.
Geetanjali Rao
Java Developer
Geetanjali joined the team in the month of March as Java Developer. Having a previous experience of 1+ year with a reputed MNC, she is OCA and Versant certified professional and has had a good hands on experience with Java Development. She is a perfect combo of a smart and a hard worker. Known for her outspokenness and friendly nature, she is also somewhat of an adrenaline junkie and likes to go on adventure trips, hangout with friends. She loves to play throwball, watch pro-kabaddi and has an interest in arts and crafts as well.
Shripati Auchare
Java Developer
Shripati joined the Java Team of RSys in the month of March. He comes with an experience of nearly one and a half years in the Java Development domain. He is a man of few words yet likes to speak through his work. He is dedicated, hardworking and never shies away from roadblocks in his work. He is a dependable person and puts in extra effort to help out his team mates, sometimes beyond his call of duty. Kind at heart, yet resilient at work his hobbies are cricket, posing off on his Royal Enfield and playing chess.
Aba Pote
Software Developer
Aba Pote joined team RSys in the month of December as a Microsoft Dot Net Developer. He comes with a rich experience in the dot net domain of over 2 years. He is friendly in nature and always believes in simple living, yet high thinking. He is always willing to learn new things and put in extra effort. He dresses neatly and is extra courteous towards all his seniors as well as colleagues. He is a dependable person. His hobbies include listening music, travelling and spending time with friends.
Satish Bhuktar
Software Developer
Satish joined the team in the month of February. With over 2 years of experience and a willingness to learn more, he loves to self-educate himself as well as goes into the depth of understanding when it comes to executing codes. His love for programming knows no boundaries and sometimes he stretches himself beyond the call of duty. He can prioritize and values judgment and gets things done in time. He values people over technology, except maybe when it comes to his love for motorcycles.
Manish Paliwal
JAVA Developer
Manish joined the Java Development team of RSys in the month of March. He comes with a hands-on experience of nearly 2 years in Java Development. He is known for his straightforwardness and he is a straight shooter when it comes to getting his tasks done and handling roadblocks in his way. He hails from Rajasthan, and is proud of his "Rajasthani" roots. A foodie by heart and a talented worker, he also likes to enjoy his free time playing cricket and travelling.
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