At Exam

At exam logoAt Exam stands for Any Time Exam. It is one stop solution to manage all types of exams in your institute.

It reduces your dependencies of paper usage in traditional mode of exam and hence it is environment friendly and the need of time. Its complete web based application which manage almost all type of questions with ease.

It has various benefits over traditional paper based exams and hence is growing in popularity. We have received rave reviews from our customers. It also has excellent revenue model for your business to grow. It’s very easy to create, assign and attend tests using this application.


  • A complete Web-Based Application
  • Manages all type of question types
  • Answer to traditional Exam issues
  • Progress Graphs
  • Instant Exam Results
  • Audio and Video Question types
  • Eco Friendly
  • Mail Alerts to parents
  • Build your own question bank
  • Excellent Revenue model for your business
  • Easy to assign, attend test
  • Reduce Manual mistakes in paper correction.