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Different industries that RSys India is catering to currently

Flour Mill ERP

The last few years had been very miserable in terms if performance for the industry due to lack of flour mill ERP and certain changes in environment such as droughts, non-seasonal rains.  Although, India being an agriculture economy, with growing population would always have a great opportunity for flour mills. No industry could really match its growth and profitability potential. Challenges faced during purchase of […]

Rice Mills

Rice Mills in India are a major part of the agro industry sector. India being one of the largest producers of rice, with a production of nearly 20% of rice for the world, thus rice production also contributes massively to the National Economy. Rice cropping is majorly done in the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa and Assam. Even […]

Tea Industry

Indian tea industry saw a boost in the production of tea on a commercial level after the Independence. India is the largest producers of Tea in the world, only next to China, with a huge internal demand for tea. Nearly 70 percent of the tea that is produced in the country, gets consumed by our country’s population only. Indian tea brands, especially Assam and Darjeeling […]

Textile Industry

Textile industry in India forms one of the oldest sectors when it comes to industries and manufacturing. Textile industry plays a big role in terms of exports to the other countries, with India being ranked as first in terms of jute production and second in terms of silk and cotton production throughout the world. Nearly 70% percent of the demand for textile comes from within […]

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